Mumbai: Award winning actor Sanjay Dutt has joined hands with spiritual guru Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru to manufacture and formulate ayurvedic medicines under the brand name “Aarogyam Shakti”.

The pure ayurvedic medicines are manufactured at Aarogyam Shakti Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. situated in Sonipat, Haryana (India). “Aarogyam Shakti” – with the tagline ‘the pure power of ayurvedic medicines’ has distinctive products which are effective in treating sickness like diabetes, High BP, Arthritis, Asthma, Piles, Hyper Acidity, Immunity Booster, Cosmetic Problems and many more.

A spokesperson of “Aarogyam Shakti” says, “Our ayurvedic medicines are fully herbal, 100 per cent natural and of premium quality. They are not tested on animals and are certified by the GMP, ISO, VEGAN and other validating bodies for its credibility and legitimacy.”

Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru says, “We are delighted to have the Bollywood’s favourite actor Sanjay Dutt on board. His association has strengthened our hands in our journey and endeavor. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medical sciences’ of the world which is based on the law of nature. It is made up of two words: ‘Ayuh’ means life and ‘Veda’ means science which is not just a science of life but also covers the art of living. It not only offers treatment and diet control, but is also a way of life to achieve a healthy body, peaceful mind and a contented soul adapted for maintaining perfect balance and harmony with the nature.”

The spiritual guru further enlightens, “Ayurveda is the oldest traditional Indian medicine. The earliest Indian literature, ‘The Vedas’, which date from above 3000 B.C., contained detailed description of numerous disorders and their treatments. Ayurveda as Vedic Medicine, was largely based on herbal-treatment. The vedic era ended in about 800 B.C., but the medical traditions of Ayurveda survived and were further developed under the  Brahmins. As a result, by 500 A.D., the Indian medicine had become a scientifically based perfect system of treatment. In other words Ayurveda is not an alternative but the original science of healing. It is a Divine gift to human life. The entire cosmos has originated from the basic substances – The Panchmahabutas viz; Akasha (sky), Vayu (air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water) and Prithvi (Earth). Ayurveda aims at not only curing the disease but also enhancing the body vitality to combat the disease and minimize the chances of relapse.”


Sri Jagatguru further informs, “The World Health Organisation (WHO) objective “Health for all” has been the basic concept of Ayurveda ever since the day of its inception that refers to treat and cure the ailing, restore health and take all measures to retain the health of the healthy human beings.”

The charismatic and eternal personality Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru hails from Uttarkhand. Spirituality comes from realization, an understanding of the self and that of the surroundings. Coming from a Brahmin family, he was influenced by spiritualism. He is also a gold medalist in ‘Astrology’ and ‘Energy Therapy’. After attaining ‘Nirvana” in the year 2013 at ‘Kumbh Mela’ he was bestowed with the title of “Jagatguru”. A divine ‘bhakt’ of goddess Santoshi Maa, his ashram – Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Ashram is situated at Kundli, Sonepat in Haryana.


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